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Anodic Flaw Detect (A.F.D)   
A.F.D is an inspection that utilises the adjustment in
contrast that occurs during the Anodise process to
identify laps, narrow cracks, corrosion or machine
The Process
Once Anodised G.E.T’s certified technicians will
carefully scrutinise each component to ensure the
anodise solution has not penetrated the metal or
highlighted any signs of machine damage.

By allowing the component to stand for a specific
length of time after it has been Anodised the
technician is able to insect the component for any
signs of penetration. Penetration could only occur of
the surface of the metal is flawed allowing the
Anodise solution to enter the metal. Subsequently as
The component dries the anodise solution would
bleed from the flaw and create a light brown stain,
therefore highlighting the flaw.

P.F.D is widely considered to be the more stringent
test but A.F.D can be used as an alternative, subject
to the specifications.