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The purpose of Chromate Conversion using Alocrom 1200 as a
surface treatment is to add a protective anti corrosive layer
to components manufactured from Aluminium and it’s Alloys,
either across the whole component or specific local areas as
The Objective
Chromate Conversion
(Alocrom 1200)
Initially the component will be thoroughly cleaned, degreased
and mildly etched prior to this process commencing.

When the component is prepared Alocrom can be applied by
either brush or swab to localised areas or by immersion if
required for the entire component.

Once applied or immersed the Alocrom will take up to 5 mins
to create a thin pale gold coloured protective film across the
component or area treated.

The component must then be rinsed initially in cold clean
running water for 30 seconds, followed by a hot rinse across
within a weakened Alocrom solution for 15-30 seconds.

The technician will make a final inspection to make sure the
component or area treated has an even pale gold coloured
The Process
Below: Components that have been Anodised,
this visible by the gray areas in the components
centre, then subsequently blasted at the ends and
Alocrom 1200 applied to give the pale gold effect.
Before & After

Both the pictures above and left before treatment
with Alocrom 1200 and then after with a light
golden effect.